11 Jan 2016

Online viewing picks of the summer

From Widescreen, 11:06 am on 11 January 2016

The best* online video we’ve been watching over the holidays.

First up, the Washington Post gives Star Wars the Ken Burns treatment

This benefits from multiple viewings (with fingers hovered over the ‘pause’ button), Jorge Luengo summarises 20 years of Pixar love for other people’s movies.


Actors Playing Actors Acting – a terrifically witty supercut by Phil Whitehead

(h/t to @WgtnFilmSoc)


It’s not often that Susan Boyle will be cited in film scholarship but Dennis Lim’s David Lynch: The Man from Another Place manages it, here adapted for video by Kevin B. Lee.


[*May not be the actual best. We haven't watched the entire internet.]