Huhu Grubs

11:40 am on 22 February 2015

The best thing to do is to get someone to grab an axe and an old ice cream container.

Look out for an old pine forest and old logs lying on the ground.

Cut into an old piece of rotting pine tree on the ground.

Make sure that the log has holes in it.

Cut into the rotting tree, split it and follow the trail that the huhu makes when it excretes the wood that it has eaten.

If you put the huhu grubs into the ice cream container and place a good amount of huhu excrement on each one they will live longer.

If you don't separate them they will attack each other and turn cannibalistic.

Once you get home put them into the fridge and turn the container every four - five hours.

Huhu grubs have their own natural oil so you don't need to add any oil or butter to the pan.

The best way to cook them is to heat up a fry pan and place the huhu grubs in the hot pan.

Roll them around in the fry pan until golden brown.

Then they're ready to eat.

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