Sablé Biscuits

2:00 am on 14 March 2009

(Makes 12)


225g all purpose flour
25g corn flour
200g diced cold butter
100g icing sugar 
4 egg yolks
12 blanched almonds
sugar syrup


Sift the dry ingredients into a bowl. Place into food processor and pulse the dry ingredients and the butter until it resembles bread crumbs.

Add the yolks one at a time until incorporated. Remove from the processor and mix by hand until smooth. Chill and rest in the fridge for half an hour or so.

Roll the mixture and cut into small disks brush with sugar syrup, place almond on the biscuit and brush one more time with sugar syrup.

Bake at 130c for 15 minutes or until lightly coloured.

From Jesse Mulligan, 1–4pm

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