11 Sep 2011

Douglas - Landscape of a New Zealand Composer - Episode 4

From Douglas: The Landscape of a New Zealand Composer, 2:00 pm on 11 September 2011

In Studio

Douglas Lilburn, inside the electronic music studio, Victoria University, Wellington, circa 1975. Photograph taken by Mervyn Desmond King. Alexander Turnbull Library.

In the fourth episode, Methods, we look at how Douglas Lilburn got things done. From piano lessons at an early age, through to the setting up of the Electronic Music Studio at Victoria University, Douglas reflects on his approach to sounds.

Ross Harris and John Rimmer describe Douglas's composing in the medium of electronic music; Gordon Burt gives a brief history of electronic music; and Helen Young talks about broadcasting new electronic works by Douglas on the radio.

Ron Burt and Sir William Southgate talk about the craftsmanship in Douglas's music; Ross Harris talks about his analysis of Symphony No. 3 and Douglas's reaction to that analysis; and Jill Palmer and Jack Body talk about the establishment of the Lilburn Trust.