1 Jul 2016

György Ligeti - Continuum

From Music Alive, 10:00 pm on 1 July 2016

Jonathan Dunlop plays György Ligeti's Continuum for solo harpsichord, a piece which turns the discrete, sharp plucks of the instrument into a continuous blur of sound.

Ligeti’s description of the piece:

“I thought to myself, what about composing a piece that would be a paradoxically continuous sound, […] but that would have to consist of innumerable thin slices of salami? A harpsichord has an easy touch; it can be played very fast, almost fast enough to reach the level of continuum […]. As the string is plucked by the plectrum, apart from the tone you also hear quite a loud noise. The entire process is a series of sound impulses in rapid succession which create the impression of continuous sound.”