12 Oct 2017

Xenia Pestova - Gothic - Part Two

From Music Alive, 10:00 am on 12 October 2017

Everything is connected. Our daily lives are a testimony to this simple wisdom: manifestations of surprising interconnections between apparent strangers, childhood experiences influencing our likes and aversions, strange laws of cause and effect - past, present and future.

In music, we find it impossible to isolate ourselves from other traditions. We exist in an interconnected web that knits together musicians from bygone eras with those working today, ever extending a bridge to the future.

Pianist Xenia Pestova makes musical connections through astute musical pairings of old and new music.

Xenia Pestova

Xenia Pestova Photo: Carla Rees

Xenia Pestova Recital - Part 2

Annea Lockwood: RCSC

Bach: Preludes No 5 in E & No 6 in E minor, from Six Little Preludes

Heather Hindman: Two and a Half Miniatures: I

Bach: Preludes No 4 in A minor & No 6 in C, from Six Little Preludes

Arlene Sierra: Painted bunting; Cicada Sketch; Titmouse, from Birds and Insects

Bach: Prelude No 4 in D, from Six Little Preludes

Clara Schumann: Prelude & Fugue No 3 in D minor Op 16

Miriama Young: The Grey Ghost (première)


Thomas Liggett: Chorale for Something's Quiet End (première)

Recorded 30 July 2017, St Andrew's on The Terrace, Wellington by RNZ Concert.

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