19 May 2018

Sound Lounge: cryosphere, The Cold Trip and Commotions; Relevant Tones: Nicole Lizée

From Sound Lounge, 12:00 pm on 19 May 2018


SHEPHERD: cryosphere
New Zealand SO, Hamish McKeich

Sarah Maria Sun (voice), Aleph Guitar Quartet
Kairos 0015018KAI


YEONGRAK: Selection from the album Commotions

Commotions by Yeongrak

Commotions by Yeongrak Photo: album cover art

11:05 Relevant Tones - Nicole Lizée

JUNO-nominated composer Nicole Lizée creates new music from an eclectic mix of influences including the earliest MTV videos, turntablism, rave culture, Hitchcock, Kubrick, 1960s psychedelia and 1960s modernism. She is fascinated by the glitches made by outmoded and well-worn technology and captures these glitches, notates them and integrates them into live performance. Nicole’s compositions range from works for orchestra and solo turntablist, featuring DJ techniques fully notated and integrated into a concert music setting, to other unorthodox instrument combinations that include the Atari 2600 video game console, omnichords, stylophones, Simon™, and karaoke tapes. We'll explore her thirty years of composing. (WFMT)