16 Oct 2016

Interrupted Cadences - Lully's Luck

From The Sunday Feature, 2:00 pm on 16 October 2016
Jean-Baptiste Lully

Jean-Baptiste Lully Photo: Nicolas Mignard, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Jean Baptiste Lully certainly had an adventurous life. He rose from obscurity in the alleys of Florence to become the most powerful musician in France, and the founder of a whole national style in music. This didn’t happen entirely by accident, for Lully was certainly a man who recognized an opportunity for himself, and grabbed it with both hands, and he was undoubtedly extremely ruthless as he fought his way to the position of leading composer at the court of King Louis XIV. 

Lully's life had some important turning points along the way, interrupted cadences, moments at which things might well have gone very differently.


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