Monday 8th March

Peter Mechen reviews concerts from the Arts Festival Chamber Music Weekend: The New Zealand String Quartet, The NZ Trio, Organ recitals by John Wells and Douglas Mews, as well as the Wagner Gala from Friday night with the NZSO and tenor Simon O'Neill.

Borodin String Quartet violist Igor Niadin. The quartet will be touring the country this month with Chamber Music New Zealand.

Murray Khouri reviews the Borodin String Quartet's Arts Festival performance from Saturday night: Russian Legacy, as well as Keith Lewis and Michael Houstoun: Peaks of Cloud and the Zephyr Quintet with Diedre Irons: Dirty Beasts & Other Stories.

Richard NunnsHe Ara Pūoro (A Pathway of Song) Part 6 - the Kōauau (Ki A Piopio):