6 Apr 2016

Klaus Heymann of Naxos

From Upbeat, 1:08 pm on 6 April 2016
Naxos recording artist Chinese violinist Tianwa Yang

Naxos recording artist Chinese violinist Tianwa Yang Photo: Supplied

The name 'Naxos' used to strike fear in a recording artist’s heart, but how times have changed.

The international recording label was founded in 1987, and rapidly rose from a marginalised budget label to one of the industry’s great successes and, even more importantly in these precarious times, survivors.

Founder Klaus Heymann was one of the first to realise that instead of fighting the digital revolution it was far more intelligent to embrace it - thereby getting a whole new generation of music consumers on board.

Klaus Heymann continues to run Naxos from his Hong Kong base.  He was in New Zealand recently and spoke to Eva Radich about the changing music market and what he predicts for the future.