15 Dec 2017

What is New Zealand Music?

From Upbeat, 1:40 pm on 15 December 2017

VUP has published a new book:  Searches for Tradition: Essay on New Zealand Music, Past and Present, edited by Michael Brown and Samantha Owens.  The book covers a huge range of perspectives about what “tradition” means in the NZ music context, with chapters on the evolution of Jazz, Classical, Colonial and Māori music. At its heart is the search for an intrinsically New Zealand music that Douglas Lilburn was so anxious to establish.  Editors Michael Brown and Samantha Owens discuss the book and its scope and whether Lilburn’s search for tradition has come to pass.

'Haka in Maoriland' 25 June 1904 in NZ Graphic

'Haka in Maoriland' 25 June 1904 in NZ Graphic Photo: Auckland Libraries