21 May 2018

Lux Fest classical playlist

From Upbeat, 2:20 pm on 21 May 2018

Many of us walk around the Wellington waterfront with our headphones on… so why not do the same at the Lux Festival?

The interactive light festival started in Wellington this past weekend. It features installations and performances from both local and international artists bringing together light, sound, art, technology and design.

Bride of the Wind at the Lux Fest

Bride of the Wind at the Lux Fest Photo: Supplied

From Frank Kitts Park all the way to Te Papa is illuminated in the evenings. Some installations celebrate the Rubik’s Cube while others shine a light on sea life.

Acting festival director Robert Appierdo has chosen classical pieces to accompany your exploration of the artworks.

Ant Nevin's Lightening Rod at the Lux Fest

Ant Nevin's Lightening Rod at the Lux Fest Photo: Supplied


Hélène Grimaud’s album Water

French pianist Hélène Grimaud recorded an entire album dedicated to the ebbs and flows of water. It features compositions from Ravel, Faure, Liszt and Debussy among others. Robert recommends listening to this album while viewing the water screen at the Lagoon.


Craig Armstrong’s ‘Weather Storm’

Robert recommends this moody track to listen to while engaging with Ant Nevin’s work Lightening Rod. ‘Weather Storm’ is the opening tune on The Space Between Us the debut solo album by Scottish composer Craig Armstrong released in 1998. It’s a reworking of a song created by Massive Attach in 1994.


Douglas Lilburn’s ‘Glass Music’

Pom and Pom at the Lux Fest

Pom and Pom at the Lux Fest Photo: Supplied

This electro-acoustic work was composed by Douglas Lilburn in 1971 and performed on a range of wind chimes. “[It’s] a weird yet wonderful tune to observe Pom and Pom,” Robert says. Pom and Pom is a fun, quirky piece of art that has two giant orbs illuminated by strands. The performers move around the Lux Fest in a friendly and approachable manner and bring a bit of comedy to the festival.


Alistair Fraser in studio playing Taonga pūoro

The Lux Festival involves a number of installation by New Zealand artists. Among them are Whairepo, Whareatua, Pou Rama and kereru that each draw on New Zealand flora and fauna. Robert says this is a fitting soundtrack when taking in the range of work created or inspired by Māori. This video was recorded by the RNZ team in July 2016 with Alistair Fraser performing Taonga pūoro and looping and fx pedals.


George Gershwin’s, Rhapsody In Blue

All the walking around can be tiring, so Robert recommends sitting down and letting the kids burn off some extra energy at the Capital E playground. He says ‘Rhapsody in Blue’, performed by Leonard Bernstein and the New York Phil is the perfect accompaniment.