6 Jan 2003

Fiji military says those alleged to have connections with the 2000 coup will be investigated

8:22 am on 6 January 2003

A military spokesman in Fiji says all soldiers implicated in the May 2000 coup and the November the 2nd mutiny will be investigated.

The opposition leader, Mick Beddoes, is calling form an independent Commission of Inquiry into the events of May 2000, to track down those behind the scheme.

He says all those alleged to be connected prior to, during and after the coup, including those now posted abroad, should be brought back to give evidence under oath.

Mr Beddoes says three people are reported to be wanting to reveal their knowledge of what went on during the coup.

He says such a breakthrough might be what is needed to accelerate efforts in the on going investigations, so that those responsible for causing suffering in the name of indigenous rights, can be brought to justice.