6 Jan 2003

Solomon's disaster council will sent four boats carrying supplies to cyclone struck islands

4:51 pm on 6 January 2003

The National Disaster Council in Solomon Islands says it is planning to send a total of four boats carrying relief supplies to the cyclone ravaged islands of Tikopia and Anuta.

The Council Chairman Caspar Fa'asala says a third boat could be ready to go as early as tomorrow, after a shipping company offered a vessel at no charge.

He also says Taiwan has made a grant of ten thousand US dollars for the relief programme, while the Japanese Government says it is sending a plane laden with tents, plastic water tanks, and water purifiers, later this week.

Meanwhile Australia is also sending two officers, along with the funds already pledged, to help manage the National Disaster Management Office.

And following an appeal for help from the Government last week, a newly elected MP, Basil Manelagua, has donated around seven hundred US dollars.