7 Jan 2003

Papuan leaders want talks with PNG government over borrder clashes

6:22 pm on 7 January 2003


Papua leaders concerned about the reported border clashes are calling for dialogue with the PNG government.

Franz Albert Joku from the Papua Presidium Council says that they want to share with the Somare government information which will dispute claims that the OPM was behind the recent attacks.

He says that if the Somare government sends Papuans back across the border, innocent Papuans living peacefully in PNG will be affected.

"We have no problem in PNG, cooperating with Indonesia, ... but we don't want them sacrificing West Papuans simply because of ignorance about what is actually happening on the ground.....our information suggests, that the Indonesian military, has been training Papuan militia groups, who are now being used along the border, posing as OPM."

Franz Albert Joku of the Papua Presidium Council