9 Jan 2003

PNG villagers retaliate after death at squatter camp

5:10 pm on 9 January 2003

Villagers from the Central Province in Papua New Guinea have carried out a dawn raid in the Goilala settlement in Port Moresby and have set fire to houses in retaliation over the killing of a former senior public servant.

Former diplomat, Clement Chikali was stabbed in the back by three youths earlier in the week and he later died from loss of blood at Port Moresby General Hospital.

Yesterday men from Gereka Village, where Mr Chikali was married, arrived in truckloads and ransacked the settlement at Six Mile Dump -setting fire to houses using tyres.

All the Goilala settlers fled into the surrounding hills.

The Gereka villagers say the Goilala settlement should be demolished and the settlers evicted because of their repeated attacks on passing motorists.