13 Jan 2003

Banned American Samoan senator says he will be at tomorrows opening of Fono

6:28 am on 13 January 2003

American Samoa Senator, Faamausili Pola, has received a letter from Senate President, Lutu Fuimaono, telling him he will not be allowed to take his seat in the Senate.

The letter said that a meeting of Senators on Wednesday has decided Faamausili would not be allowed to sit in the Senate because of a pending notice of appeal filed in the High Court on January 6th.

The notice is a preliminary step to an appeal of an earlier High Court ruling ordering the reinstatement of the Senator.

Faamausili had been removed from the Senate after claims that his selection did not meet constitutional requirements.

Asked if he would heed the letter, Faamausili said he will be present for the opening of the Fono tomorrow.

A roll call of both houses is taken at the start of the opening ceremonies and it is not yet known if Faamausili's name will be among those announced.