13 Jan 2003

Reinstatement ceremony for Solomon Islands cabinet ministers

11:27 am on 13 January 2003

Four of the five Solomon Islands ministers who resigned from the Kemakeza cabinet in December have been formally reinstated.

Our correspondent in Honiara, George Atkin, filed this report.

"They are Education minister, Mathias Taro, Tourism minister, Alex Bartlett, Planning minister, Nolen Leni and Health minister, Benjamin Una. The fifth, Works minister, Bernard Giro, was not present when the reinstatement ceremony took place at Government House. He will be reinvested when he returns from his home village on Makira this week. The ministers resigned from the National Coalition Government the day before the opposition moved a motion of no-confidence against Sir Allen's leadership in paliament in late December, but they voted against the motion when the roll call vote was taken. The reinstatement ceremony ended anxieties that the ministers have been performing their duties illegally since they sent their resignations to Government House."