15 Jan 2003

Fiji poll favours pardon for coup frontman Speight

12:17 pm on 15 January 2003

An opinion poll in Fiji has found that the majority of people favour a pardon for the May 2000 coup front man, George Speight, and his accomplices.

The Fiji Times-Tebbutt poll found that of the just over 1-thousand people interviewed, 48 percent wanted the group pardoned while 47 percent were against and 5 percent were not sure.

It was mostly indigenous Fijians who favoured a pardon while it was mostly ethnic Indians and others who were against.

Speight is currently serving a life sentence after pleading guilty to a charge of treason while his accomplices are serving lesser terms in prison.

Two of them, Timoci Silatolu and Josefa Nata are still on trial.

The poll also found that a majority of indigenous Fijians are in favour of pardoning the November 2000 army mutineers while ethnic Indians and others are against the idea.

The mutineers are also serving jail terms.