16 Jan 2003

UNDP to hold workshops to demobilise special constables in Solomon Islands

6:37 pm on 16 January 2003

There are hopes that hundreds of special constables on the payroll of the Solomon Islands police will agree to demobilize after a series of workshops explaining the process.

There are more than 11-hundred special constables in Solomon Islands, where they have been a major cost for the government.

International aid donors have also blamed the special constables for much of the lawlessness of the past two years.

The project manager, Dr Ishmael Wise of the United Nations Development Programme, says it begins with two workshops in Honiara on February 5th with others to follow in East and West Guadalcanal and at Auki on Malaita.

"in all these areas we are calling all the SC's and then having ceremonies of discharge and giving them information about the project services and also informing them in fact of the options they have for reintegration which is also due to start from febuary this year"