20 Jan 2003

Solomons minister sacked after call for leadership change

7:43 am on 20 January 2003

The Solomon Islands education minister, Mathaias Taro has been sacked for

criticising the prime minister in the media and for his failure to perform as a minister.

Last week, Mr Taro told Radio New Zealand International that the country's leadership was weak, lacked courage and needed to be changed.

Mr Taro said the country needed the current government in place for three years, but prime minister, Sir Allen Kemakeza , should go.

"I think leadership is the one that needs to be changed in this country. We need somebody who has got political will and I think that is missing with this present government."

Former education minister, Mathaias Taro.

Mr Taro was one of five ministers who planned to vote against the prime minister in last month's vote of no confidence.

The ministers later voted in favour of Sir Allen, ensuring he easily defeated the opposition motion.

The ministers were then formally reinstated at a special ceremony at Government House.