24 Jan 2003

American Samoa governor appoints nephew to run new Criminal Intellegence Bureau

12:10 pm on 24 January 2003

American Samoa's governor, Tauese Sunia, has approved the creation of a new bureau in the Department of public safety called the Criminal Intellegence and Investigations Bureau.

The new bureau's acting commander is Va'a Sunia, the governor's nephew.

Va'a had previously headed the Criminal Investigations Division.

Our correspondent in Pago Pago says his appointment to the new bureau is seen by political observers as another move by Governor Tauese to appoint his relatives to top government jobs.

The governor's cabinet now includes his brother, Aitofele Sunia, as Treasurer, his sister, Vaoita Sotoa Savali, as Director of Public Information, Vaoita's husband, Sotoa Savali as Secretary of Samoan Affairs and another nephew, Fiti Sunia as Attorney General.