30 Jan 2003

Solomon Islands MP wants to know more about the Royal Assembly of Nations finance offer

11:55 am on 30 January 2003

A Solomon Islands opposition politician has called for a public inquiry into the deal between the government and the Bougainville-based group for a 350 million US dollar grant.

Alfred Sasako says it should be determiend why well educated officials recommended the arrangement with the Royal Assembly of Nations and Kingdoms.

The assembly's representative in Honiara, Noah Musingku, is wanted by Papua New Guinea authorities who have seized his PNG passport.

While the promised funds have failed to be released to the government, officials have been told not to discuss the matter.

Mr Sasako says light has to be shed onto how government officials handled the affair.

"The way they have acted with this whole thing has really gone beyond any acceptable level of behaviour, to coerce or force the cabinet to accept this sort of thing."