26 Apr 2002

Reform programme a Vanuatu election issue

1:47 pm on 26 April 2002

A government reform programme in Vanuatu, which is widely supported by international aid donors, is likely to be at the centre of next week's national elections.

The Comprehensive Reform Programme was introduced in the mid nineties by the Vanuaaku Party to bring greater accountability and stricter financial controls to the way the government operates.

It was later scrapped by the administration of Barak Sope.

And as Port Vila based journalist Ben Bohane reports the main parties are split on whether the CRP should be revived.

"that's really where you can see a sort of line in the sand if you like. Barak Sope and the leader of the NUP party WillieJimmy have both publicly said that they will not support the comprehensive reform programme if they are elected, whereas Edward Natapei and the UMP party led by Serge Vohor have both said that they will support the CRP so that's probably the main issue that will be contested on"