29 Apr 2002

Vanuatu prime minister wants to stop party hopping

3:07 pm on 29 April 2002

Vanuatu's caretaker prime minister, Edward Natapei, says the constitution needs to be changed to give the country the stability it needs to attract investment and grow the economy.

His Vanua'aku Party is calling on voters in Thursday's general election to vote for stability and party candidates.

Mr Natapei says the record 68 independents contesting the poll are divisive.

He also blames much of the recent political instability on the ease with which independents have left the government.

And he says for the same reason his party wants to stop party-hopping.

"When members are elected under a certain political party, if they decide to cross the floor and move to another political party then they should be required under the constitution to vacate the seat and people go back to a by-election to vote for another person to come in and replace him"

Edward Natapei