30 Apr 2002

Vanuatu prime minister rejects criticism of Comprehensive Reform Programme

6:00 am on 30 April 2002

The prime minister of Vanuatu, Edward Natapei, rejects criticism of the Comprehensive Reform Programme.

The CRP has been in place since the mid-90's and aims to improve the government's delivery of services , end corrupt practices and reduce costs.

The opposition's Willie Jimmy, who is a former finance minister, is opposed to the CRP, saying it has failed to deliver.

But Mr Natapei says those opposed to the CRP are unhappy because they have less control over government departments.

"Our view is that we have gone a long way to improve the performance of government by sort of delegating or removing the authority from the elected ministers and giving a bit more authority back to the civil service"

Edward Natapei, the prime minister of Vanuatu