2 May 2002

New Zealand to take some more refugees stranded on Nauru

5:19 am on 2 May 2002

The New Zealand immigration minister says about 140 refugees will be settled in New Zealand from the Asia Pacific region within the next two months.

Lianne Dalziel says the refugees to be brought from four countries will fill the quota of 750 refugees for the current financial year.

Among them will be a group of people of Middle Eastern origin who the UNHCR has processed in Australian-funded detention centres in Nauru whose deal with Canberra to house them expires in two weeks.

Miss Dalziel says New Zealand's assistance is part of efforts to deter people smuggling.

"The idea is really to signal to the region, that we're prepared to be part of a regional response to the build up of claimants refugees,in the transit countries"

Lianne Dalziel