9 May 2002

Fiji doctors call off their work-to-rule over on-call duties

9:20 am on 9 May 2002

Doctors at Fiji's hospitals returned to on-call duties last night after cabinet approved an interim allowance of 4 dollars 40 US a night, up from 50 US cents earlier.

The Fiji Times reports that apart from the increase in the nightly allowance, the doctors would also be paid 12 point 5 percent of their salary as an on-call allowance every month.

The secretary of the public service commission, Ratu Tevita Cavulati, says the percentage payments will be paid even if the doctors are on call only two nights a month.

He says the allowances would be in addition to the doctors' normal salaries

Ratu Tui says the allowance payments would be interim until the PSC completes a preformance review.

The president of the Fiji Medical Association, Dr Mary Schramm, says the doctors had wanted more.