14 May 2002

Fiji Labour Party leader accused of ignoring propriety in favour of political expediency

7:34 am on 14 May 2002

A former Australian solicitor general has strongly criticised the Fiji Labour Party leader, saying his experience with Mahendra Chaudhry was distasteful.

Dr Gavin Griffith has told the Fiji Sun Mr Chaudhry ignored propriety in favour of domestic political expediency.

The criticism comes after Mr Chaudhry published a letter in a local newspaper in which he claimed he sacked Dr Griffith as his leagal counsel in the constitution case on the composition of cabinet.

Mr Chaudhry alleged this was because Dr Griffith had reached an agreement with government lawyers without his approval.

But Dr Griffith has told the Sun he received specific orders from Mr Chaudhry to drop his claims for mandatory orders and seek only declaratory orders.

Dr Griffith gives extensive details of his proof for this and the witnesses present.

Mr Chaudhry maintains he did not know of the agreement beforehand.

Dr Griffith says his experience with the former prime minister had become distasteful and he is at a loss to understand why Mr Chaudhry has chosen to defame his former counsel when he had a complete win in his case.