20 May 2002

Papua parliament to discuss Eluay probe by Indonesia

7:32 am on 20 May 2002

The parliament in Indonesia's Papua province may hold a special session to consider the aspirations of the Papuan people, and the need for a independent inquiry into the killing of the separatist leader Theys Eluay.

A thousand strong protest outside the parliament in Jayapura last week was organised by the Papua Presidium Council, and Presidium member Willie Mandowen says the parliamentarians have now agreed they will look at setting up a special session.

He says they will make a decision next Thursday.

Mr Mandowen says they reject the findings of the Commission investigating the killing of Mr Eluay.

The Commission, set up by Jakarta, says it did not find gross abuse of human rights in the killing and it cannot find a motive.

Papuans have been arguing that the murder of Mr Eluay was an attempt to undermine the independence movement so was an attack on their human rights.

Mr Mandowen says the protestors have also outlined a need for traditional police to protect the indigenous people, and have called for a more coherent dialogue on the political status of the province.