18 May 2002

Fiji minister hits out at Labour Party

9:50 am on 18 May 2002

Fiji's assistant minister for women, Losena Salabula, has hit out at the Labour Party describing it as an anti-Fijian group that is eager to steal from indigenous people.

Speaking in parliament, Ms Salabula said the Land Use Commission proposed by the deposed Chaudhry government was a trick to try and take land away from indigenous owners which added to their anger.

She said Indians were brought to Fiji to work in the cane fields, but since they have been in the country for some time they have wanted to gain equal rights with indigenous Fijians.

Ms Salabula said the arrogance of the deposed government was the reason for the May 2000 coup and the Labour Pary has not helped the image of the Indians get any better.

She has questioned how Labour could work with the SDL government in a multi-party cabinet.