23 May 2002

Cooks opposition says government plans too ambitious

4:54 pm on 23 May 2002

The Cook Islands opposition leader, Dr Terepai Maoate, says government plans to implement wide ranging economic reform within its first 100 days were too ambitious.

The current prime minister, Dr Robert Woonton, promised to remove import levies, introduce a price control tribunal and national health insurance within the first 100 days in power.

Other promises included an old age pension review, increase the level of non taxable income and full UN membership.

Dr Maoate says he is not surprised that none of these promises have been fulfilled.

"It's the same thing that they have taken on from where we left when we were booted out. Now we've been trying to do that ourselves and when they said they were going to do it within that 100 days I said well we've been in there for two years and we have not been able to do the whole lot and I didnt think that they were able to do that and I think they realise that now."

Dr Terepai Maoate