25 May 2002

Fiji government to spend another 12 million US dollars in supplementary budget

8:26 am on 25 May 2002

The Fiji government has obtained parliamentary approval to spend another 12 point 3 million US dollars amid criticism that it is driving the country bankrupt.

The Qarase government's second supplementary budget within six months will be directed mainly towards expenditure for health, education and the ministries of finance, land and foreign affairs.

Dr Ganesh Chand of the Fiji Labour Party said the government could not be trusted with taxpayer's money because it has neither the ability nor the will to look after it.

The opposition leader, Prem Singh, said Fiji was bankrupt like Argentina and there was no confidence in the country which was continuing to live dangerously.

But Mr Qarase said Fiji is on a positive path to growth, there is tremendous confidence in its future and every cent will be accounted for.