28 May 2002

Solomon Islands Peace Council says those who surrender guns will NOT be arrested

5:08 am on 28 May 2002

The Solomon Islands Peace Monitoring Council says people surrendering weapons will NOT be arrested after the gun amnesty ends on the 31st of this month.

The Council's chairman, Paul Tovua, says they are aware of rumours that have been circulating to that effect.

Mr Tovua says they are false.

"I wish to correct the unfounded rumours that have been circulating about those surrendering weapons being arrested after the 31st May amnesty deadline This is not true and I repeat not true"

Mr Tovua says the Amnesty Act 2000 was drafted in accordance with the wishes of the parties to the Townsville Peace Agreement and it is for their protection against arrest for activities covered by the agreement.

He says that is why the Council has been stressing the importance of the surrender of weapons and the obtaining of a certificate to ensure protection against arrest.