28 May 2002

Call for Fiji unionists to be jailed for instigating sanctions

7:30 am on 28 May 2002

The chief executive of the state-owned Airports Fiji Limited has called for the jailing of trade unionists who instigate sanctions against the country by overseas unions.

The Fiji Times quotes Jone Koroitaman as saying such people are trying to destroy the economy and bring hardship to families in the country.

Mr Koroitamana's call follows a report that Australian unions have agreed to impose sanctions on sea and air links to Fiji because AFL has not given recognition to the Fiji Public Servants Association to represent its workers.

It follows a threat by the minister for public enterprises that instigating overseas trade union sanctions would be tantamount to treason and unionists shold be prepared to face the consequences of their actions.

Mr Koroitamana says the FPSA does not have majority support within the company as 64 percent of the staff has signed individual contracts and joined the in-house union.

He says he does not recognise the FPSA as representative of part of the workforce and would maintain that stand.