28 May 2002

Awareness campaign on corruption intensifies as PNG elections draw near

6:56 pm on 28 May 2002

Papua New Guinea voters have been given what are being referred to as the 10 commandments of PNG democracy and a politicians prayer, as part of an anti corruption campaign.

Tens of thousands of the politician's prayer posters as well as the commandments suggesting how to select a non corrupt MP have been released today ahead of next month's national election.

Peter Aitsi, from PNG's Transparency International says the poster campaign is part of a war on corruption launched by the Media Council and 31 NGOs.

He says for the first time Papua New Guineans are questioning MPs and holding them accountable for alleged corrupt practices.

"Its an incremental shift in community attitudes and I think the war on corruption has allowed people to put our leaders in a position where they need to be a bit more accountable to their public and they need to also be aware that if they are arent accountable and if they seem to be arrogant that the public will place them on notice. It was seen in Alotau, its been seen in Mt Hagen where ex prime ministers had been booed or shouted down. Now this type of thing hasn't happened in PNG before because of the chieftan system that we have ."

Peter Aitsi