11 Jun 2002

Fiji Chamber of Commerce calls for downsizing of public sector

4:09 am on 11 June 2002

Fiji's Chamber of Commerce wants the public service to be trimmed by five percent a year until it reaches an ideal level of operation.

The Chamber's President, Taito Waradi says Fiji's public sector is too large and is inefficient in delivering basic services.

He says a reduction in the public sector will result in savings that could be used for poverty alleviation, health and education.

Mr Waradi says a smaller public sector will rid departments of excess staff and increase production.

"If you divert funds to help the quality of life or the poverty of the land for instance all that will do, I would assume you know that what would happen is that the efficiency, you people who are sitting there then will justify their existence at this point in time."

Taito Waradi