11 Jun 2002

Death in Solomon Islands blamed on fuel shortage

12:36 pm on 11 June 2002

The fuel shortage in Solomon Island's remote Temotu province has been blamed for the death over the weekend of a patient at the local hospital.

Temotu's Director of Health and Medical Services, Dr Gunter Kittel, says the victim was a young asthmatic woman who could've been saved.

Dr Kittel says the woman was admitted to Lata Hospital but had to be sent home because of shortages in fuel at the hospital.

The hospital relies on diesel generated electricity.

Dr Kittel says most of Lata Hospital services have been scaled down because of shortages in water, electricity, essential drugs and supplies.

The Temotu doctor said all vaccines which rely on refrigeration have been destoyed.

Temotu province, receives its fuel and consumer goods from Honiara, which is several days away by sea.

The province has not been visited by an inter-island freighter in the past six weeks.