11 Jun 2002

Samoa Central Bank concerned about money garlands

1:16 pm on 11 June 2002

The Central Bank of Samoa is concerned about the damage done to currency notes when they are used in garlands.

The Bank has issued a public notice saying the practice of using the money in the garlands damages them and is therefore illegal.

Offenders are liable to a maximum fine of 1-thousand US dollars.

Garlands, which are normally made from plant material, are standard decorations for participants and guests at the openings of new business premises, weddings, the bestowing of chiefly titles and other ceremonies.

However, garlands made of money are sometimes presented as a gift to a clergyman who conduct the service in a ceremony.

The Central Bank says the disfiguring or mutilating currency is an offence under the Decimal Currency Amendment Act 1993.