12 Jun 2002

Common rolls for PNG's troubled highland provinces flawed

4:49 am on 12 June 2002

The electoral manager of Papua New Guinea's five Highlands provinces says there is a high number of deceased voters on the common rolls.

Kala Rawali's comment comes as the Electoral Commissioner, Reuben Kaiulo, denied allegations of common rolls nationwide being flawed as the country prepares for two-weeks of voting from Saturday.

Mr Rawali says violence in high-risk areas, such as the Highland provinces, has made it difficult to update the rolls.

He says measures have been put in place to minimise illegitimate voting and potential violence.

"Definitely yes, we'll have ghost names and all the other names, you know, you name it. The only way to try and to do this check and balance, we have councillors and the councillors knows who his people is, so if any other people try to come and vote and their names are not on the common roll he will definitely inform the officers and we may remove them and police will make sure that the ballot papers are not being tampered with."

Kala Rawali says voting in the Highlands will be suspended until further notice if violence occurs.