12 Jun 2002

Fiji women conned in migration scam

10:33 am on 12 June 2002

A group of 55 women in Fiji are praying for divine intervention after they were robbed in a travel scam involving promises of work in the US.

The Daily Post reports that 13 of the 55 who left last month were forced to return to Fiji from Tel Aviv when they were refused boarding a flight to Los Angeles.

The middle-aged women were promised a trip to the US by a former officer of the ruling SDL party who collected large amounts of cash after telling them they did not a visa if they boarded a flight from Tel Aviv.

The officer told them they could avoid immigration checks if they slipped out of a side door at Los Angeles airport which was marked on maps she supplied.

The women were told they could work as care givers and entertainers.

Back in Fiji, they have joined the remaining 42 women who are all praying and fasting in a central Suva cultural office for their travel arrangments to come through so they can work in the US.