12 Jun 2002

Solomon airlines close to having a third plane servicing the domestic market

4:57 pm on 12 June 2002

Solomon Airlines has obtained a twin otter engine from Australia that will enable the airline to get another plane in the air.

The general manager, Gideon Zoloveke, says the airline has two planes servicing the domestic market with another two twin otters unoperational.

Mr Zoloveke says the arrival of the engine on Thursday will mean that another plane will be operational next week.

He says he is more optimistic about the airline's future after saying in January the company could collapse by June if not given an injection of money.

"At that time the point was relevant because there were indications then, that things could go terribly wrong. Since then, we've made quite a number of adjustments that has enabled us to move forward. I'm a lot more comfortable now that there's light at the end of the tunnel."

Gideon Zoloveke says the government has helped restructure the airline making it more streamlined and service-focused.