25 Jun 2002

First election results declared in PNG

11:22 am on 25 June 2002

The first election results have been declared in Papua New Guinea as the polling period enters its second and last week.

109 seats are being contested in a phased election which has been affected by delays and irregularities.

But as Peter Niesi reports the first seats have been declared.

"Predictably Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta was declared the Port Moresby Northwest winning candidate then following him Lady Carol Kidu, again another predicable declaration was declared the winning candidate for Morsby South she becomes the first woman candidate to win a seat and in another incident, colourful Manus Governor Steven Pokawin's political career was aborted when Dr Jacob Jumagot ousted him in the Manus provincial seat while Lands and Fish company Minister Charlie Benjamin who was re-contesting the Manus open seat has retained his seat"

Peter Niesi reporting