27 Jun 2002

Fiji's SDL party warns of instability if government falls over vote-buying allegations

11:11 am on 27 June 2002

Fiji's ruling SDL party has warned of instability in the country if the prime minister, Laisenia Qarase's government is forced out of power.

The SDL's general secretary, Josaia Diani, has told the Daily post that the fall of the government would also further divide the two main races.

Mr Diani's warning follows recent allegations of vote-buying by ministers of the former interim administration and reports that the government could fall if they are proved.

He says some members of the community are working full-time to discredit the government, despite both the Commonwealth and the UN Observer Group declaring the August general election free and fair.

Mr Diani says the Labour Party, the Trades Union Congress and the suspended civil servant who filed the vote-buying writ in the High Court, Peniasi Kunatuba, are out to destroy the economy.

He says if a government supported by the majority of indigenous Fijians falls, it will definitely result in instability and harden the feelings of indigenous Fijians towards Indo-Fijians.