28 Jun 2002

Marshall Islands and US initial service agreements

4:17 pm on 28 June 2002

Negotiators from Marshall Islands and the US have initialled four agreements on a range of services including a new US Postal Services pact.

The postal agreement changes postage rates from the current domestic level to special cost related rates over a five-year period.

This allows the US Postal Service to develop special rates for the Marshalls that do not necessarily have to follow standard international rates.

Two agreements on aviation matters allow Air Marshall Islands to operate air services to the US missile testing site on Kwajalein Atoll and improve the supply and range of Federal Aviation Administration services aimed at improving safety .

The last of the agreements, all of which must still be formally approved by both sides, is a discretionary as-needed programme that will enable Defence Department teams to provide services ranging from health and education to basic infrastructure construction in remote areas.

The agreements are part of long drawn out negotiations of the funding section of a new Compact of Free Association between the two nations.