28 Jun 2002

HIV/AIDS conference starts in Apia

5:36 pm on 28 June 2002

A 3-day conference to discuss the HIV/AIDS programme for the two Samoas is underway in Apia.

The conference will discuss a proposed 5-year plan to deal with the disease in the region.

A delegation from American Samoa includes representatives from the health department, HIV/AIDS program and legislative.

American Samoa's HIV/AIDS programme coordinator, Fara Utu, says one of the main discussions will be trying to find a way to create a network between both Samoas.

Samoa News quotes Ms Utu as saying that it's necessary to try and share ideas and work closely together with the HIV/AIDS programs.

The American Samoa program is funded by the US government and is madated to provide outreach services for schools, youth groups and other high risk organisations.