2 Jul 2002

More violence in St Louis in Noumea

10:45 am on 2 July 2002

There has been more violence in the St Louis community in Noumea

Clashes there over the past six months between settlers from the islands of Wallis and Futuna and the local Kanak population, have claimed three lives.

In the latest incident at the weekend, police fired tear gas after shots were fired.

They say no one was hurt in the latest incident.

Our correspondent in Noumea, Tuo Chinula, says it came after a fourth meeting of leaders called by the French High Commissioner, Thierry Lataste, to try and find a solution, and to allow police full access to the community to investigate the violence.

"the local leaders who met with the French High Commissionerand other local authorities last Friday, promised they would do everything possible to restore calm and to enable police to go in and carry out these inquiries which would then lead to arrests and hopefully try and solve some of the problems in the community."

Tuo Chinula reporting from New Caledonia.,