5 Jul 2002

Papua New Guinea police chief forfeits bail on brother

4:02 pm on 5 July 2002

A senior Papua New Guinea policeman has forfeited several hundred US dollars to the state after his younger brother repeatedly failed to appear in court over a vicious airport robbery.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Geoffrey Vaki had guaranteed bail for his brother Philip, one of three men found guilty of armed robbery during the Nadzab Airport heist of May 1999.

During the robbery a security guard was shot dead, another wounded and nearly 150 thousand US dollars belonging to two banks was stolen.

The gang, armed with two M-16 assault rifles, held up a Securimax team that had gone to deliver the money to an aircraft bound for Port Moresby.

The bandits fired shots at the security guards, policemen and workers at the terminal before grabbing the money boxes and escaping in a stolen vehicle.

During the hold-up a security guard was shot and later died, while another was wounded.

The Post-Courier reported that a court in Lae had ordered Mr Vaki's bail be forfeited after Philip breached his bail conditions.