9 Jul 2002

FSM government opposes Japan's toxic MOX shipment though its waters

2:58 pm on 9 July 2002

The government of the Federated States of Micronesia is calling on Japan and Britain to change plans to route a nuclear waste shipment through its waters.

Jane Chigiyal from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says FSM has told Japan that it's opposed to the shipment of Mixed Oxide Fuel or MOX through its exclusive economic zone.

The MOX shipment is on its way to Britain aboard a British nuclear cargo vessel and will pass through FSM's waters on Friday.

Ms Chigiyal says under international law, Japan and Britain were required to consult with FSM over possible environmental risks and compensaton in case of an accident.

She says there was little consultation with FSM and that the only information it received was that the toxic shipment was safe.

Ms Chigiyal says the government is powerless to stop the shipment despite it having grave environmental and safety concerns.

"We were informed that based on legal international instruments that the only thing we can do is protest - politically, but as to blocking the shipment we were informed that we have no basis to do that even after we received information from Greenpeace that some of the containers are eroded."

Jane Chigiyal from the FSM Ministry of Foreign Affairs.