9 Jul 2002

Solomon Islands peace monitoring council waits for reply to proposals

5:19 pm on 9 July 2002

The Solomon Islands peace monitoring council is expecting the government to respond to its proposal for building peace within the month.

Paul Tovua, the chairman of the PMC, says several strategies were put forward last week, including a reconciliation between the major groups involved in the coup and gun certification for villages.

Mr Tovua says he's hopeful the government will respond positively because reconciliation between the former militants is a real possibility.

"It's quite clear from themselves, themselves meaning the former MEF and IFM and even with Harold Keke and Andrew Teu. They would agree to this..Infact they themselves, suggested they should be having reconciliation. I think the government has also indicated to them that this is the step where the government is willing to take on forward."

Mr Tovua says he also asking that the mandate for the PMC be extended beyond its winding up in October.